The IT department count with bilingual accredited teachers at B2 and C1 level, as well as native English speaking assistants and European Erasmus+ Youth Volunteers with English language skills.

The main objective of Bilingual Education in VET is to introduce English as an element of our students’ professional skills.

There is a great deal of emphasis on Oral Communication. Speaking

In addition, the following skills are covered in a cross-cutting manner.

Soft Skills : Soft skills, skills in high demand in the professional field.

Time management: Time management, techniques for improving productivity and efficient use of time.

Public Speaking : Speaking, workshops to improve public speaking skills.

Interviews and CVs : Individualized interview training and CV development

Team working: Dynamics to improve teamwork. WIN-WIN

Business English (B1/B2) -> Cambridge Business B1 / B2 Exam Preparation Courses , for the Erasmus+ selection test